Human Soldiers are the bread and butter of any nation's army and can be assigned one of five ranks. Typically drawn from the peasantry; Soldiers can be expected to fight in any environment in any conditions against any enemy. While these men and women go through the harshest of experiences, given sufficient time and dedication they have the potential to work their way to significant positions of power. Both the Empire and Varden maintain standing armies equipped with the best gear available.

Although the Soldier lacks the powerful abilities of other classes, he does have increasing access to an assortment of inferiors as he ascends the ranks. These function as NPCs or Non-Playable-Characters and, as such, cannot be directly used in role play. Instead their purpose is that of a weapon. However, given the right circumstances, they can be pulled in to aid the character.


Soldiers are the basic unit. They do not command.

Paid 15 Crowns a week.

Starts with:

Leather Lamellar Armor

Standard Iron Sword

Wooden Shield


You have control over 4 soldiers.

Paid 20 Crowns a week.


Chainmail Armor

Reinforced Shield

Steel Sword


You command three corprals (15 men).

Paid 35 Crowns a week.


Light Plate Armor

Customized Steel Sword

Standard Horse




You command four captains (34 men).

Paid 45 Crowns a week.


Full Plate Armor

War Horse

War Horse Saddle


You command 3 lieutenants (104 men)

Paid 60 Crowns a week.


Adorned Plate Armor

War Horse Armor

Everything Else

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