Unaffiliated Nomad
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Race Werecat
Status Alive
Eye Colour Deep Violet
Hair Colour Blonde
Affiliation None; Elves
Weapons One Dagger
About Sillyrin
She is a very respectable Werecat and will stay forever Loyal when she deems fit.
Physical Description
In human form, she has golden hair that comes down below her back. She has purple eyes (Not purple in picture) and she has slightly pointed ears (really pointy in picture). She wears modest clothing and has a swirling green body mark going up her form. She prefers to go barefoot, but is rarely in human form. (The picture makes her look older than she is, but it was the best I could do.) When she is in cat form, she is a pale yellow. She has darker tints on part of her body and has beautiful violet eyes.
She only speaks to those she trusts, but when she does she is very kind and humorous. She is considered young for her race and still a "child". She loves to play jokes on people and is very playful. She loves adventures and relishes the thought of a dangerous adventure. She most often doesn't affiliate herself with anyside.
She grew up in Du Weldenvarden and never knew her parents. She travels with the elves if they go out on adventures and she loves the dragons. She loves talking with the riders and loves to hear their stories. She lives in a tree home, located in Ellesméra, though she does not spend most of her time there. She likes the life with the elves. She does love the wilderness and can always be found out in the forest. She travels with nomads sometimes and likes seeing the places in Alagaësia, and she has even traveled as far as Surda.
A Very Ornate Dagger that hangs in a sheath on her right hip.