You grab the book and begins to read it. It is written with Oromis' handwriting.

Spells are words or phrases in the Ancient Language that magic users speak to control and use magic. The following is a list of spells that any Dragon Rider or Elf should know.

Spell Translation Description
Adurna Water Used to manipulate water.
Atra gülai un ilian taught ono un atra ono waíse sköliro frá rauthr May luck and happiness follow you and may you be shielded from misfortune
Brisingr Fire Used to create fire. It could cause an object to catch on fire or to be surrounded by it.
Boetk istalrí Broad fire Used to set fire to things.
Brakka du vanyalí sem huildar [subject]! Reduce the magic that holds [subject].
Deloi moi Earth, change Used to collapse or change the Earth.
Draumr kópa Dream stare Used to scry someone or something.
Deyja Die One of the twelve words of death it kills immediately.
Du grind huildr Hold the gate Used to hold the gate. The translation is the same.
Eitha To go or leave Typically combined in a sentence with other words to push something away.
Eyddr eyreya onr Empty your ears Used to make someone temporarily deaf.
Garjzla Light Typically used to hurl a bolt or ball of light at someone, either killing them or rendering them unconscious.
Garjzla letta Light, stop Used to reflect light from a being's eyes so it doesn't enter the pupil, thus rendering the being blind.
Gath sem oro un lam iet Unite that arrow with my hand
Gath un reisa du rakr Unite and raise the mist Used to unite and raise the mist. The translation is the same.
Gëuloth du knífr Dull the knife Used to dull a knife or sword, so that people don't accidentally kill each other while sparring
Jierda Break/Hit Typically used to break the bones of an opponent, or throw them against a hard surface. Eragon used it to smash a door to escape the Ra'Zac.
Jierda thierra kalfis! Break their calves! Used to break the calves of an opponent
Letta Stop Used to stop things. (Letta orya thorna! - Stop those arrows!)
Malthinae Confine Used to bind things or hold in place
Moí stenr! Change rock Used to change the rock.
Reisa Rise Used in conjunction with the name of something or someone, in order to raise them off the ground.
Skölir Shield Typically used to shield the caster from harm, such as redirecting fire to pass harmlessly around the caster.
Skölir nosu fra brisingr! Shield us from fire! Used by Eragon to divert flames away from himself and Saphira.
Slytha Sleep Used to put a person to sleep.
Stenr Reisa Rise stone. Used to make a stone rise.
Thaefathan Thicken Used to create calluses on a persons hands similar to Ascûdgamln.
Thverr stenr un atra eka hórna! Traverse stone and let me hear! Used to eavesdrop on a conversation through a stone wall.
Thrysta Thrust, compress Used thrust, compress things. Typically combined in a sentence with other words to thrust something. Eragon used it to stop a man's heart while escaping from Gilead
Thrysta vindr Compress the air Used to send balls of air at enemies
Waíse heill Be healed A healing spell, used to mend physical wounds but can "only mend what is on the surface"
Ma’mor Used to unlock doors that are locked.
Morte Used to throw things, such as axes from the nearby walls.
Skulblakas ven Used to enable the caster to see what his/her dragon sees.
Reisa Used to make objects levitate
Scarina Used to cause roots to be removed.