This character belongs to Lele Mj

Elfic Queen
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Species Elf
Status Alive
Eye Colour Green
Hair Colour Brown
Affiliation Elves


Weapons Elfic Longbow and arrows.
About Me
My name is Myana. I am the queen of the elves, descendant of Islanzadi. As my ancestors, I am allied with the Varden on the noble goal of restoring peace and liberty to our land, thought the defeat of the evil king Eadric.
Physical Description
Myana is tall, like every elf. She is slender and agile. She is very fast and has great reflexes. She looks delicate but is very strong. Her eyes are deep green and her wavy hair is long and brown.
Myana is a very wise elf. She is calm, determined and strong-willed. She has led her people in a time of war with great skill. She is a great queen and military strategist. She is focused and has a good sense of right and wrong. She is very caring and protective of her people and territory.
Myana's bow
When in battle, Myana wields an elfic bow, hand-made especially for her.
Myana has a beautiful brown horse, called Fyon.