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Dragon Insignia by ChaosWolf01
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Kvetha, Fricai. Pleasure to meet you. I am Dragon of Idunnr Vanyali, My name is Ragndis. Well, please don't bother me, i know you must have other important things to do. Stay well, Fricai and i hope we can meet again. Atra esterní ono thelduin, Fricai .


Ragndis is quite small if compare with the other dragon. She has garnet/pomegranate scales with strangely blue eyes. In place that should be covered with spikes, like in her neck, back and tails, it replaced by bigger, thicker but stronger scales. In some places of this scales, growing a small manes-likes furs (At end of each mane, forming a lump with size of pomegranate seeds) that can emit rose colored light in the dark. In addition to the usual place where a manes grew ; on the back of the head; these furs also grew on the tail and her legs led him to be called "Glowing Ragndis" or "Light of luminescence"

Her talons and horn were Deep-Red Color. With horn size almost as long as her head. She had three serrated fangs; two of them growing overlap; that jutted out of her upper jaw onto her bottom jaw. She had frilled neck/skin that usually stays folded and raised only during attack. Her long feet made her able to ran faster than other dragons.

Dragon of Idunnr Vanyali
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Species Dragon
Status Alive
Family Idunnr Vanyali (Rider)
Eyes Blue
Scales' Garnet/pomegranate colors
Affiliation Idunnr Vanyali

The Varden


Ragndis is very friendly but polite dragon. She considered very elegant and noble among the dragons. She is also wise like other dragon. Her relationship with idunnr are like sister and she often worried about Idunnr's clumsiness. She enjoy running rather than flying.

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Ragndis while still an egg


Ragndis after hatching. She was playing in the garden with Idunnr.


She is now.

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