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About Me

Yes, I do recognise you!

We met at the fire, and we conversed. Good to see you again! You now want to know about me, right? Well, where do I begin? I am half-dwarf. My Father was a Human who fell in love with a Dwarf from the Farthen Dûr. He died on a mission serving the "Varden" and my mother died from grief soon after. I have never forgiven the Varden for the loss of my parents. The empire offered me a place in the Kings court, but I refused, as my ideology supports the Varden, but you know why I will not join them. So, I am in a "limbo" or "neutral" in this war. I am a traveling bard and storyteller, but that is not the reason why both Varden and Empire need my services. I have a secret gift, which I was born with. I am a doomsayer. I can almost foretell doom. It is a gift that will remain secret, so do not try asking me of it.

Erik, Son of None
The Doomsayer
Vital Statistics
Gender male
Born Unkown
Family Unknown
Status Alive
Eye Colour Brown
Hair Colour White
Height 5'2"
Affiliation No one
Weapons Lute
Home Anywhere
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I have a lute, which I play to passing by people, However I also use it as a weapon., because I am always being hounded by the King's soldiers and the Varden's Elves. I also carry with me a special journal to note down the stories of my life.. Ever since I heard about Eragon, the dragon rider who was alive when I was a child, I have written down stories, and I relay them to anybody that I meet.

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