784px-Heaven's Siege Inside

The Grand Hall

When you go up the larger set of stairs, you enter the Grand Hall of the ruins. moss and grass covers the floor, vines line the walls besides torn pictures and paintings, and pools of water dot the room. In the roof there is a opening where Riders used to fly in and out of in times past, but now it's just a net of branches, plants, vines and spider webs. There is also a small staircase where you can go to the balcony over looking the Hall. Be careful, as many of the floorboards are loose, and one small step can send you plummenting below

There are four exits to the north, south, east, and west, each one leading to a different corridor on the second floor. Presently, the door to the east is caved in, so you cannot go to the eastern corrider through there. Also, there is another stairwell leading to the thrid floor of the ruins.

So where will you go? To the north, south, or west exit? Or will you go up the staircase to the third floor?