Fortress ruins 0 1 by epiloguetoI

The Dragon Rider Ruins

Captain Sweeny lands the Dragon Heart at the only pier on the island, which like the ruins has gone into decay. As you walk on the pier precariously to solid land, beams faling as you step on them, Captain Sweeny calls to you

"I'll be going back to Gil'ead, in case more adventurers want to visit. If i'm not here when you return, just send a smoke signal and i'll come rushing back as fast as the sails can take me."

With that, Captain Sweeny turns the Dragon Heart around and sails back to Gil'ead.

When you reach the ruins, a large door hanging off of one hinge marks the entrance. However, you also notice a path leading to somewhere behind the ruins.

Will you go through the entrance, or follow the path and see where it leads?