Bard Haltson
Halt Carrick bigger
The Sure shot
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Race Human
Status Alive
Eye Colour Piercing Blue
Hair Colour Dark Black
Affiliation The Varden
Weapons Massive Long Bow and Dueling dagger
Forest panorama(2)
About Bard
Bard has just recently come to the Varden, and has already been promoted to captain because of his skill with a bow. He hopes to help in the bringing down of the cursed Empire that he served for many years. He hopes to meet other with the same drive and will help anyone who is a declared Allie if the Varden
Physical Description
Tall and lean.Brown hair and a beard with piercing blue eyes. He often wears a cloak and travels slowly and quietly. His voice is deep and melodic, and he can often convince people to do anything because of it.
Bard is quiet and contained. He would much rather stay in the shadows than pick a fight. He is honest and kind, always there to help all who need helping. Do not upset him though, because he will not stand for lolly gagging
Bard grew up on the Island city of Eoam. Bard was a street urchin, orphaned when he was young. He scratched out a living in the dirty streets of the city until one day he decided to start anew on the mainland of Alagaesia. He left Eoam at the age of 18 and traveled all over the land, learning new skill and talents. He became very skilled with a bow and soon decided to put that skill to use, joining the Army of the Empire at the age of 25. He soon learned, though, how ravage the empire really was and deserted the army. Ever since he has been on the run, not knowing what to do or who to become.

He wandered around for three months before he finally found the Varden. By that time, pickpockets had stolen all of his belongings and all he had left were the clothes on his back and a small dagger. The Varden took him after they saw his skill with a bow, a well as giving him a new long bow.


This character is a soldier.

Dragon Insignia by ChaosWolf01
This character is a member of the Varden.