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Aurelio the Dark
Rider of Crowin
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Species Human
Status Alive
Eye Colour Blue
Hair Colour Black
Affiliation The Emperor
Weapons CutLass (Two-handed sword).
About Aurelio
Aurelio Balick is a Dragon Rider in service of The Monarchy, led by his Royal Highness King Eadric.
Physical Description
He is 6'1", has blue eyes and black hair. He wears dark clothes as a sign that he still mourns his parents
He's more of a loner and doesn't like it when people take stupid and uncoördinated risks. And don't even try asking about his history, because then you can count on looking at his back for years.

His Dragon Sword: A two handed sword named CutLass. It was forged by Rhunon to match his personality. Dark and grim.

He never tells anyone his history. The only thing he ever tells anyone is that he grew up in Melain and that his parents died the day he became a rider.

He is bonded with a black dragon named Crowin. And no, you can't know the story of how he found him. All you need to know is that he was hatched when Aurelio was 17 and that he has kept him sane and company, and was the only one who would calm him down during his bouts of insanity, wich he has had, and can come back again

History Edit

This is Aurelio's history. Technically nobody knows it, so if your char does, it's considered as Meta-gaming, which is a form of God-Modding

Aurelio was raised on a farm just near the border of Melian. One day, on his way to the market, he found an egg, and spent almost half the day wondering what it could be. That night, when he came home, he found that his parents were murdered in a robbery of their house. that is also when his dragon hatched. He named him Crowin. Ever since then he has roamed Alagaësia, slipping into and out of madness. When he came to Urû Baen, the king saw how skilled a warrior he was, and asked him to join his service. He accepted, thinking it would be a chance at a better life.

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