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Allard Garrick
Allard Garrick
Soldier of the Varden
Important Information
Gender Male
Race Human
Class Soldier
Status Alive
Affiliation The Varden
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Height 5'8
Home Farthen Dûr
Family Roldan Garrick (father)

Shaylee Garrick (mother) -deceased

This character is a soldier.

Dragon Insignia by ChaosWolf01
This character is a member of the Varden.


Allard was born to Roldan and Shaylee Garrick. Roldan was a rich and powerful merchant who supported the empire. Shaylee was a beautiful young woman who married Roldan at the age of 14 but who died giving birth to Allard, her first child. They both lived in a small town in southern Alagaesia, near Dras-Leona.


Throughout his childhood Allard was looked after by a nurse, hardly ever seeing his father. He often saw empire soldiers coming through the town and saw the things that they did. He didn't understand why his father supported them and begin to think that they were not as good as he had always been told. When he was 12 Allard heard a drunk man shouting about how the varden would bring peace and how the empire were to be hated. By the next day the man was dead, killed on Allard's father's orders. Allard decided that the empire and everyone who supported them were evil and that he would join the varden as soon as he could. When he was 14 Allard ran away from home, he took very little with him, just some weapons, supplies and a horse. He traveled south, to Surda which he had heard secretly supported the varden. The journey was difficult and he struggled to survive. Eventually he got himself a job in a stable in Surda, although he was still looking for the varden. He found a man who was a member and quickly joined as a soldier.


Allard is very brave and determined, he will do anything for something he believes in. He is also selfless, putting others before himself, and trying to do the right thing for everyone. However, he can be naive, expecting others to be as honest and chivalrous as he is. Allard isn't very intelligent and doesn't make a good strategist, in battle he relies on strength.


Allard has a medium, stocky build and lots of muscles. He has long black hair and dark eyes and a serious face. Allard looks younger than he really is. He is considered good looking.