Alexe Briodec
(This character belongs to ~Angel Wings~)


Alexe was born to a poor family. He has two older brothers, both of who are extremely athletic. Since the family couldn't afford to feed all of them, his older brothers went off to join the Varden. Alexe followed in their footsteps a year later, because he felt that he was only a burden on his family,

He wandered around for three months before he finally found the Varden. By that time, pickpockets had stolen all of his belongings and all he had left were the clothes on his back and a small dagger. The Varden took him in as a scribe/soldier.

Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Species Human
Born -
Family Jessica Briodec (mother), Adam Briodec (father)
Status Alive
Eye Colour Light Gray
Hair Colour Black
Height 5' 7"
Affiliation Varden
Weapons A small dagger
Home Farthen Dur
Friends/Allies -
Enemies -


Alexe is very shy and socially awkward. He spends most of his time reading. He's a horrible warrior, and despite how hard he tries, he almost always loses his battles. He's extremely clumsy, always tripping over his feet. He's even shier around girls, and constantly stutters when talking to them. He enjoys intellectual games and challenges.


A small dagger, which he doesn't even know how to use


A battered notebook

Various pens and bottles of ink