Alden Edrec
Alden Edrec
Alden Edrec
Important Information
Gender Male
Race Human
Class Nomad
Status Alive
Affiliation The Varden
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Brown
Height Tall
Home Formerly a cave in the Beor mountains,

Now with the Varden

Family Father - Javen Edrec

Mother - Helen Edrec



Brown hair, blue eyes, often wears brown leather and a red cloak. He is 24 years old.


He is quiet and doesn't usually like to socialise although he is very polite and friendly


He was born and brought up in a small village on the border of Surda, where his father worked as a skilled blacksmith. When he was 16 his mother was killed in an Urgal raid, which was later revealed to be the work of the Empire, and King Eadric. Enraged, his father Javen avenged her death and wanted to stay to defend the village until the end, although he realised that this might place his son in danger, and so they began their journey to the Varden to seek shelter. They met a small group of about ten Varden scouts on the way, and they joined them for a while, until they encountered several Empire soldiers. They shot at the the soldiers from a distance but one managed to throw a spear at Javen. The Varden were victorious although Javen was fatally wounded during the skirmish. He gave Alden his own sword which he himself had made, with the words "Fight for us, son", and then he died. Enraged, Alden left the Varden scouts and headed off into the wilderness. He spent his time trying to hunt for food with his bow and avoiding slavers and Empire soldiers. He made himself a home in a cave where he built a fire to cook his food, and he began gathering whatever he could find to hoard away in his cave. He made sure to speak to any members of the Varden whenever they passed his way, to find out about the goings on in the world. He also made sure to attack any empire soldiers when he saw them, as long as there were few enough to handle, and then took all of their weapons, armour and equipment to add to his collection. He lived this way for years, a scavenger, hiding away from the rest of the world because he just couldn't face it. However, one year the winter came colder and crueler than ever, and it was becoming increasingly difficult to find food. He realised he would not be able to surive this way for much longer, and so headed for the Varden, hoping that they would take him in, in exchange for his services as a skilled swordsman. He hates the Empire fiercely and has sworn never to rest until Eadric is dethroned.


Araena, his father's sword